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The Berg Corporation

The Berg Corporation is a full service demolition firm working primarily in the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our major areas of expertise include:

  1. The gutting of structures back to their structural elements
  2. The wrecking of structures including high rises, schools, regional shopping centers, factories, various industrial structures, hospitals, military housing.
  3. Implosion capabilities
  4. Recycling of building materials emanating from the structures we demolish:
  • Crushing and screening of the clean masonry material into materials appropriate for structural backfill.
  • Separate steel products by grade and transport to scrap processing facilities to ultimately be reused in new steel production.
  • Fully proficient in LEEDS requirements, orchestration, and reporting. In reference to the majority of their demolition projects the Berg Corporation is typically able to recycle 95% of the buildings components by weight.
  • Managers of hazardous abatement including asbestos and lead remediation, CFC reclamation, and bulb and ballast recycling, and tank and soil remediation.

Length of time we have been in business:

The Berg Corporation has been in business for ten years but was a spin off of a forty year old demolition business. The management team has a combined 100 years of demolition and recycling experience.

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